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There are an ever increasing number of new regulations that are hitting the pest control industry, and some industry experts believe that these new government rules may add $145 million to the yearly cost of controlling powder post beetles. The Environmental Protection Agency was not so quick to agree with the claims of the industry reps, though, and said that there are available methods that should not be any more expensive than the older one.

advanced home care in greenville ncThe disagreement centers around the EPA's decision to remove a particular pesticide brand from the market for most uses, which as one Vice President of a pest control company argues, means it will now be more expensive to treat structures that have been infected with the powder post beetle. According to this same Vice President, the beetle, which shares some traits with the termite, invades approximately 140,000 homes in the U.S. each year. The pesticide in question was often used by pest control companies to control the beetles by spraying the chemical in areas where it was needed; the chemical was so effective, the companies could then guarantee that the house would remain beetle-free for at least one year. Now that the chemical operation that was both safe and effective has been banned, he goes ideas on how to decorate home for christmas amy to say, only by fumigating the whole house can the problem be taken care of.

People now have to leave their houses while the gas is sprayed and wait for it to be gone to return. The cost will also be a matter of much contention because the fumigation will run between $1000 and $2000, as opposed to the older treatment which was substantially less than a thousand dollars. A spokesman for the EPA is not buying the claims of the industry insiders, though, noting that there are other chemicals which have been identified as cost effective and efficacious. Furthermore, the spokesman reminded everyone that the powder post beetle does not pose any structural threat to the home and its damage is solely aesthetic.

The EPA has designated a new substance as being suitable for the treatment of the powder post beetle, pentachlorophenol, and claims that his substance should have similar cost and efficiency to the early treatments. The end result is that the American homeowner can relax, knowing that there will not be a substantial rise in the price of the necessary pesticide. Such testimony came from the maker of the banned chemical as well as the pest control association, the EPA spokesman said in his statement. The source of the testimony was a set of hearings conducted by the EPA about potentially halting use of the chemical and whether or not to outright ban it.

Costing millions of dollars for the yearly battle against the powder post beetle across the country, the price increase was predicted for consumers. Pest control company employees are not happy, though, since they claim to have been effectively and safely treating homes with the old chemical for more than 30 years and they worry what reaction they will receive when they have to explain to their customers that the formally cheap treatments will now be over a thousand dollars. The EPA made their decision founded on incomplete data, he further claimed. He says that the decision was incorrect and should be overturned, but the EPA has neglected to do so and any hearings that would be required to achieve this would likely drag on for years.